Minimum Waste

MORRATO endeavors to minimize the excess materials from production in order to move towards a slow fashion movement. The leftover fabrics are made to be small accessories such as scrunchies, handkerchiefs, bandanas, and others to come. The pieces are made to be sold as a sweetener for your whole day-to-day look in MORRATO. 

Helping other brands that have the same motive as what we do is also one of the ways to encourage the zero-waste movement. MORRATO cooperates with an upcycling brand that specializes in dog toys and accessories by contributing our leftover cloth for their production. In that way, MORRATO will be reducing waste by supporting each other in the community.

Some wastes are inevitable, that includes activities, inventory, over-production, defects or rejected items, time management, and even a non-utilized skill. In the day-to-day, MORRATO implemented the operational system that moves towards to lean-manufacturing and is secluded in the processes. We also look for ways to cut down on lead times, cut costs, and mainly improve the quality of everything. MORRATO is aware that a step that today adds value might not add value tomorrow.